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Top 15 tourist attractions for couples in Barcelona

Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia. One of the best cities in the world! I'm still trying to decide which city is #1. Barcelona or Tokyo. That's a tough one. I'll let you know. Anyway, Barcelona is a vibrant and colorful city that you just must visit. Here is a list of tourist attraction that both of you will enjoy:

1. La Sagrada Familia

The famous Basilica that was designed by Antonio Gaudi. This basilica is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Barcelona. You will be very impressed with its architecture. The construction of Sagrada famila began in 1883 and it is planned to be finished in 2026!. It is very recommended to get inside, go up the spires and look at the wonderful view. This is absolutely a “must-see” attraction.

sagrada familia Barcelona, book hotel with a view of sagrada familia
Sagrada Familia. Want that view from your hotel window? Photo by akuppa

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2. Las Ramblas

Another “must-see” attraction in Barcelona is Las Ramblas. A famous and long boulevard that begins at Plaza Catalonia and goes all the way to the port (Port Vell). At the colorful Ramblas there are many restaurants, street artists, shops and a lot more. You can also visit Placa Catalonia, a big square with fountains and shops, or Placa Reial, a small and beautful square. While there, you must try some paella.. Wow..

placa reial barcelona near las ramblas
You gotta try some paella. Placa Reial, near Las Ramblas Photo by Serge Melki

3. Placa d’Espanya

Placa d’Espanya is a big square and the major attraction there is the “Magic Fountains”. The Magic Fountain is a show of lights and sounds, It is very fun to watch it together from Placa d’Espanya or from the hill called Montjuic. At placa d’Espanya you could also visit the big bullring turned into a shopping mall and be imprseed by the architecture surrounding the square.

placa d'espnaya
Magic fountains at Placa d’Espanya Photo by Jose Felipe Ortega

4. Port vell

The port is located right at the start (or the end of course) of Las Ramblas. This is a perfect place to stroll around with each other while eating ice cream. Port Vell is a very romantic place and while there you can also visit the shopping center called Maremagnum.

port vell
Sunset at Port Vell Photo by Photo by Carquinyol

5. La Boqueria

La Boqueria is a food market located right on Las Ramblas. This market is perfectly clean and the products are amazing. There are fruits, vegetables, dairy, fish, meat , sea food and every kind of food you can think of. This is a perfect place to sit together and eat some Tapas.

la boqeria. barcelona, book hotel with a  view of sagrada familia
La Boqueria market. Photo by uriba

6. Passieg de Gracia

This street starts at Placa Catalonia, at the north side, unlike the Ramblas that that goes south. At Passeig de Gracia you can shop and visit two of many of the buildings designed by Gaudi (Casa Batillo and Casa Milla, also called La Pedrera).

la pedrera
La pedrera by Gaudi, on Passieg de Gracia Photo by Mo Riza

7. Nou camp

Nou camp, or Camp Nuo, is the stadium of FC Barcelona (Football Club Barcelona). Why a soccer stadium is on the list of places for couples is the first question you might ask. Well, it’s just is. Now seriously, many of the tourists in Barcelona come just to see this wonder called Barca by locals. FC Barcelona considered being one of the best team in soccer history with famous players like Messi, Xavi, Iniesta and more. The stadium can host up to almost 100,000 fans and it is a real pleasure watching a game there, specially if there is a Classico match (Barcelona vs. Real Madrid). You will enjoy this even if you really hate sports.

FC Barcelona. Isn't this romantic? Photo by globalite

8. Parc guell

Parc guell, at the north of Barcelona is a park (entrance free of charge) that presents works by... you guessed it, Antonio Guadi. It’s a nice park to stroll around between the unusual arts of the genius.

parc guel Barcelona
Unuasual art by Gaudi at Parc Guell. Photo by austinnevan

9. Monserrat

You can get to Monserrat by a train from Barcelona city center. While there you can enjoy the wonderful views of Barcelona and the pointy mountains. A very beautiful place to walk around with youe loved one.

Unique mountains at Monserrat Photo by Bernardo Aldo ph.

10. Parc joan miro

Park Joan Miro is a perfect place for some romance at city center. Next to the Placa d’Espanya you will find this lovely park packed with palms trees and greenery. You can buy some groceries and have yourself a little picnic right next to the “Woman and the Bird” statue by Miro

parc joan miro
So there is a woman and a bird here. Parc Joan Miro Photo by Leonora Enking

12. Parc de la Ciutadella

Another perfect spot for some city center romance is Parc de la Ciutadella. In this park you could also rest by the lake, go to the zoo and stroll around between the fountains and the statues. On weekends, many young locals come to the park, make some music and have a good time. Don’t forget visiting the zoo.

Parc de la Ciutadella Photo by Jaume Meneses

12. Museu de la Xocolata

Well, is there anything more romantic than chocolate?
This museum offers you to take a tour, learn about the history of chocolate, look at some art made with chocolate, participate in some chocolate workshop and… eat some chocolate.

Museu de la Xocolata
Wait, is that chocolate? Photo by jason gessner

13. Tibidabo

Tibidabo is a high mountain that overlooks Barcelona. To get there you will have to take a train and a cable car up the summit. The view is breathtaking. While there you could also enter the amusement park.

Amusement park and a view Photo by stvcr

14. L’aquarium

If you like the sea life, the Aquarium is the place for you. You can watch many kinds of animals in this great place. You can also participate in some activities and if you are brave you can go diving with sharks. It is a nice place to visit together, although it might get a bit crowded with children.

Care for a swim? Photo by flavouz

15. Barceloneta

You can’t talk about a vacation without mentioning the beach. Barceloneta is the best beach in Barcelona and some say it is one of the best beaches in the world!

One of the best beaches in the world! Barceloneta Photo by infocatalonia

Are you still here? Your romantic trip to Barcelona is just around the corner! Check out some romantic hotels with views of Sagrada Familia here