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Top 10 Paris attractions for couples

There are so many things to do in Paris. The city of lights offers a huge amount of attractions for tourist of all kinds: Families, backpackers, young couples, elderly couples and more. Here is a list of 10 recommended attractions for couples who seek for a romantic vacation in Paris.

1. The Eiffel Tower
The Eiffel Tower- The most famous Parisian symbol, by some sources the most visited tourist attraction in the world. There is nothing more romantic than to sit with your loved one on the grass of the Trocadero gardens (or any other garden that has a view of the Eiffel) and to look quietly at this giant monument. It is much recommended to go up the tower and look at Paris from above. Try to catch a romantic photo of you and the Eiffel or maybe of both of you kissing with the background of Paris. (kiss each other, not the background).

Another great romantic thing to do is to look at the Eiffel tower from your hotel. If you want to see the Eiffel tower from your hotel room, click here .

Eiffel tower. book hotels, eiffel tower view, hotels overlooking eiffel tower
You can have this view from your room. The Eiffel Tower. Photo by Larry Johnson, flickr

2. La Louvre
Not just for art lovers. It is very romantic to stroll around the many sculptures and paintings of the museum. I'm not sure if it sounds romantic, but I swear it is. Just imagine: you stop and look at one paintings. Then your partner starts noticing some minor details. He\she start to think and then he\she understands what the painting is all about. He\she explains the meaning of the painting to you. Then you think to yourself: "wow, how the hell did he\she saw it? She\he is so smart.." isn’t that romantic?

la louvre. book hotel with a view of eiffel tower, overlooking the eiffel
The Louvre. More romantic than you might think. Photo by Denis McLaughlin, flickr

3. Montmartre
For me, this is the best place for couples to hang out in Paris. Just go there before sunset, stroll around the narrow streets, ask a Parisian painter to paint your girlfriend or wife (usually it’s the girl, isn’t it? Perhaps I'm wrong), visit the amazing Basilica Sacre-Couer and stay for dinner at one of the small and cozy restaurants. This is what Paris is all about.

Montmartre, a good place to be in paris for couples
This is what Paris is all about. Montmarte. Photo by aj82, flickr

4. Champs-Elysees
The famous boulevard that leads to Arc de Triumph. It is very beautiful and the atmosphere is great. You can go shopping or eat something at day time or at night.

paris attractions for couples
Champs Elysees. Photo by Subharnab, flickr

5. Chateau de Versailles
Before taking the train to Versailles Palace, go to the nearest supermarket and buy some groceries for a picnic.
You know, a baguette, some cheese, a small bottle of wine.
When you get to the palace go to the gardens first. The gardens are amazing. Position yourself near the lake and make your picnic there. Perfect for a Saturday morning. After the picnic you can rent bicycles and travel around the park or get inside the palace.

The amazing gradens of Versailles. Photo by kimberlykv, flickr

6. Notre Dame
Notre Dame- the famous cathedral. Get inside, go up and get some great views of paris with the Eiffel tower. Don’t be scare by the Gargoyles, they are friendly.

notre dame. view of the eiffel tower
View from Notre Dame. Photo by levork, flickr

7. Latin Quarter
This is THE place for hanging out at night. Narrow streets, many restaurants and a young and vibrant atmosphere. Very recommended for a night out in paris.

paris attractions for couples
Young and vibrant athmosphere at the Latin Quarter. . Photo by beggs, flickr

8. Luxemburg Gardens
At the Latin Quarter you will find the Luxemburg garden. A quiet getaway at the center of Paris. Enjoy the sculptures, the fountains the greenery and the Luxemburg Palace.

luxemburg gardens paris, romantic
A romantic getaway at the Luxemburg gardens Photo by Juanedc, flickr

9. Jardins des Tuileries
Amazing gardens, (pronounced tu-le-ry) near the Louvre. A great place to relax after to long walking between the arts of la Louvre.

Jardin des Tuileries, paris
Gardens near the Louvre. Jardin des Tuileries. Photo by HarshLight, flickr

10. Place des Vosges
This is a very small garden that is located near the house of Victor Hugo. The garden is very well designed together with the old and unique houses that surrounding it. Very beautiful spot to relax.

paris attractions for couples
Place de Vosges. A great place to relax. Photo by godod, flickr

Are you still here? Your romantic trip to Paris is just around the corner! Check out some romantic hotels with views of the Eiffel Tower here