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Bookaview- Hotels with a view of the world's most amazing places
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About Bookaview

Bookaview helps you plan a more romantic vacation by bringing you a variety of worldwide hotels that have wonderful views of the world's most amazing places.

The Story Behind Bookaview

Bookaview was founded in February 2012 while I was planning a romantic vacation with my girlfriend at the time.
"At the time" does not mean we broke up but quite the contrary. We are now married :)
Anyway, The girlfriend had a dream, a simple one. Since she was a little girl she wanted to go to Rome. Her favorite place in Rome (even she had never visited there) was the Colosseum. She always said: "I just want to sit and stare at the Colosseum".

So I started looking for hotels with a view of the Colosseum. That was not an easy task, I can tell you that. Even when I found one, I wasn’t sure if the hotel is really overlooking the Colosseum.
There was a chance that the description of the hotel sounded lovely but doesn’t match the reality. For example, many hotels in Paris say they have a view of the Eiffel Tower. You book the hotel and when you arrive you find out that if you look 45 degrees north-east from the hotel lobby, you can see the tip of the tower, only if it’s a bright day of course.

So I thought to myself: "There's gotta be a better way to find hotels with a views of famous places and to know which hotel really has a good view".
"Challenge accepted!" was my answer, you know, to myself.
I just started learning HTML and website builidng stuff so I was looking for a project. The combination of the lack of comfort finding hotels with views of the Colosseum and the ambition to start a new project have created :)

Oh, and did I find a good hotel overlooking the Colosseum you ask? Well, no. We've ended up going to Paris :)

So how to use Bookaview?

That's a great question. It's very easy. All you have to do is:

  1. Go to our Homepage and select the destination you are going.
  2. Take a look at the list of hotels that have a beautiful view from their window.
  3. Check out each hotel, take a look at photos tagged in the hotel on Facebook, view photos by visitors or professional photographers at Pinterest or travel booking sites.
  4. Book the hotel and get ready for an amazing vacation!
  5. Don't forget to visit our Blog

Okay, so you are now ready to start planning your romantic vacation. If you need anything (well, not ANYTHING) please feel free to Contact me!

BTW, English is my second language so if you see any typos or really bad grammar mistakes please let me know! Thanks :)